24 June 2016

Your Mountain is Waiting...

Today was a beautiful summer day, so the kids and I took advantage and went out for a day filled with outdoor adventures. We started our day off with taking a hike one some nearby trails, to find a letterbox that we couldn't find a couple of years ago. 

Does your family letterbox? Or go on hiking adventures?

We packed plenty of water, snacks, and a picnic lunch. We were very well prepared. We then stopped at our library to have a picnic on the shaded lawn. I enjoyed a homemade chef salad with spring mix lettuce, guacamole and olive oil tahini. The kids also took advantage of the large trees and played a game of hide-n-seek.

Do you have a favorite spot to picnic?

Where did your adventures take you today?

09 March 2016

Is being on the phone at the park really an issue?

Maybe you'll agree with me, maybe you won't.

I've read a number of comments on blogs and articles in regards to whether parents should be on their phones when they are at the park with their kids.

I wanted to share my perspective, as I sit here writing at the park, while my kids run around playing tag with a bunch of other kids at the park. Sure there maybe people who might be thinking why is she on her phone instead of watching her kids?

My kids love to come to the park to play with other kids...maybe even make new friends.

They see me everyday and we do hang out and play. There are times we come to the park and I run around playing tag, push them on swings, play hide-n-seek or go down the slides with them. But most of the time they want to do this with their peers without parent influence.

I'm here if they need something or they get hurt. I remind them to take water breaks or help them if needed.

But ultimately a trip to the park for the kids means a place for them to explore, play and burn off some energy. For me it's a place to work on my writing or read, socialize with other adults, or sit and relax without the distractions of household obligations.

For each family, a trip to the park may be something different. Just like everything else in parenting, it is a personal choice. Don't be too quick to judge.

12 November 2015

Time to Reflect

I don't usually do a Throwback Thursday photo, but I have been doing a lot of reflecting on my life, the choices I was making previously and the changes I am making to get to where I want to be. This photo was taken 3 years ago, when I was really struggling with my energy level, keeping up with the kids and was really unhappy with things physically and mentally. I have made a lot of progress since then, especially this past summer - getting more active, focusing on my goals, taking time to figure out where I want to be and who I want to be. It's not an easy process to look at yourself and realize that you need to make changes in yourself in order to reach your goals, it is so much easier to look outwardly at others around you.

Once I took the time to reflect, I realized I am the one that will make me happy. Once I do that and start to make changes for myself, then I will be happier with everything else in my life.

03 November 2015

Shakeology NO BAKE BALLS—Quick & Healthy Snack Recipe

Are you looking for a delicious, easy to make, nutritious and protein packed snack after your workout? Watch Tony Horton make these simple No-Bake Shakeology Balls. It’s as easy as mixing a few ingredients together, rolling into bite-sized balls, and sticking them into the refrigerator. You can make before your workout. Enjoy!

22 October 2015

Fall Refresh

Fall Refresh:

Ready to recharge, restart, and boost your weight loss?

The 3-Day Refresh consists of three daily shakes, a fiber drink, plenty of filtered water, plus a wide array of fresh fruits, vegetables, and healthy fats throughout the day to keep your energy and metabolism going. 

You will Lose weight and kick-start healthier eating habits in just 3 days. This program is designed to fast track your weight loss by detoxifying and cleansing your system while helping you break bad eating habits. In just 3 days you'll feel lighter and healthier, without starving.

OK, Here's how it works. 

Then Go to my website to purchase your 3-Day Refresh Kit:

You will purchase the 3-Day Refresh Challenge pack by Oct 26th which includes Your first 30-day supply of Shakeology®—your choice of 6 flavors (we recommend Chocolate Vegan or Tropical Strawberry Vegan during the Refresh as plant proteins are often easier for the body to digest)

At that point I will add you to the Private accountability group where you will receive, support, motivation and advice. Questions? PM me.

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21 October 2015

21 Day Fix and 21 Day Fix Kickstart and Shakeology Challenge Packs - Fall 2015

All things 21 Day Fix & 21 Day Fix Extreme are on special this month!!! Perfect way to get started on your health & fitness before the holidays start. This will help you stay on track during the holidays. Don't wait until Jan. 1st!

The 21 Day Fix, Fix Extreme and 21 Day Fix Kickstart and Fix Extreme Kickstart Challenge Packs (includes 3-Day Refresh) will all be on special for the month of October.

The 21 Day Fix and 21 Day Fix Kickstart CHallenge Packs will also include a FREE 21 Day Fix branded insulated bag.

Message me for details and the link to order - artsymom.cheri@gmail.com


26 August 2015


What does the word Gratitude mean to you? 

Why is it important to practice Gratitude in your life?

I recently joined a group on Facebook with other Beachbody Coaches where the focus of the group is on Gratitude. This week we started a challenge and each day we are given a task to complete. Today's task was to think about the two questions above and respond. The answer could be as short or as long as you like, as the answer may be different for everyone. The point was, to really think about the questions.

For me, gratitude means being thankful for what I have and what I have experienced in my life. Appreciating those who are and were important in my life. Not taking for granted that life is short and we never know what might come next.

It is important to practice being thankful and to show other that there are things to be thankful for, otherwise you and those around you would become miserable. Helping others to appreciate life and what they have, and showing them how you appreciate them brings joy, hope and strength. It helps yourself and others to achieve the dreams and goals we have set for ourselves. It also helps us to see all the precious things in the world regardless of how much material things we have. Precious things like time, love, friendship, nature, and the ability to change our futures.

I would love to hear what Gratitude means to you and why you feel it's important to practice. Share in the comments below.