03 March 2017

He decided to put a ring on it❣💘💍

Almost 10 years and 2 kids later...he decided to put a ring on it and "officially" proposed.

It's something we talked about over the years, but never felt in a rush to do. This is a 2nd marriage for each of us and we have kids from our previous marriages. There was always a reason we would put it off. 

"Let's wait until we own a house."

"Finances are tight right now."

"Everyone already considers us married."

All the reasons made sense.

We have known each other since 5th grade and even went to college together for a couple of years, before going our separate ways for a few years. It wasn't until after we both got divorced that we started dating. We had kids the same age, so it made getting together a little easier since the kids had someone to hang out with.

Fast forward a year later...we were living together and having our first son together. Another couple of years after that we welcomed our second son. Now with 5 kids between the two of us, who has time to think of planning a wedding??

The subject would come up from time to time over the years, but we didn't get back to seriously talking about it until just recently. I mean, when you have been together for so long, doing everything a married couple does...being referred to as your significant other's wife already, do you need to have the actual piece of paper??

But there is something about being married.

About Officially being THE WIFE!!

We went ring shopping together at a quaint antique shop in Salem, MA, A place I used to go Christmas Shopping with one of my sisters. I like rings, and jewelry in general, that are unique and can't be found everywhere. For me it wasn't about getting the largest diamond or the most expensive ring. I wanted something that really fit my style. 

After we picked out the ring, I told him that he still had to officially propose. I wanted us to have a story to go along with it.

Even though I knew the proposal was coming at some point, I didn't know when. Which was exciting and a bit nerve racking as I am someone who likes to plan surprises, but not always receive them especially in a public setting.

We went out to dinner that night with friends and while we were eating he took out the ring and got down on one knee and proposed. Our friends were also unaware that he was going to propose, but thinking fast, they were able to capture him putting the ring on my finger.

The proposal was perfect!

I am looking forward to getting into the planning stages over the upcoming months.

Are you engaged? Is this your first or second marriage?

I'd love to hear your story in the comments below.

17 August 2016

Do what scares you...

Stepping outside of your comfort zone is where the magic happens.

Today I started my first day of a 7 day FB "Go Live" challenge.

As an onstage performer, that might not seem like something that would scare me. Going Live and performing are quite different! 

When I am performing I get to play another character or get lost in the emotions of the music. With FB "Live" I am opening up about myself or things that have to do with me. It's kind of like writing my actor/tech bio for productions, which I never liked to do and struggled with. 

Each day I push myself to become better than I was the day before...are you??

Step outside of your comfort zone....your Dreams will Thank You!

14 August 2016

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11 August 2016

My Ongoing Transformation

Growing up I played sports - soccer, softball, ice skating. I performed as a dancer, singer, actor. I stayed active with friends - biking, hiking, playing pick-up games, swimming. I always thought of myself as athletic, never really worried too much about gaining weight. I ate fairly healthy, my family rarely had fast food, as my mom liked to cook. My sisters and I were lucky enough that she stayed home with us and didn't have to rush from work before driving us to our millions of different activities.

When I was expecting my first son, I had stopped following any type of regular exercise routine, aside from doing some walking. I was no longer dancing or playing sports and I ended up gaining over 60 lbs. As much as I was not so happy about the amount of weight gain, I didn't stress too much about it. I was 23 years old and figured it wouldn't be that hard to lose it afterward. I figured I would get right back into a routine after he was born and my body would be back before I knew it. (Boy was I naive).

Between the baby, lack of sleep, full-time work and just everyday household tasks...I was always too tired to fit a workout in. My eating was pretty good, as I was breastfeeding and wanted to make sure that the baby was getting enough nutrients, but I wasn't making any progress on losing the majority of the weight.

Jump ahead 5 years, I had lost some of the weight, but still wasn't where I wanted to be and now I was expecting my 2nd son. This time I only gained about 20 lbs, which was much better and I was able to lose that pregnancy weight afterwards, but still didn't lose any of the other weight. A couple years later and I had my 3rd son and the same thing happened there, gained about 20 lbs and lost that after.

Fast forward to last year, my boys were 5, 7 & 13 and I was still struggling to stick with a routine, to find time for myself and really work on me. I hated being in pictures, because I wasn't happy with who I was physically and I was emotionally drained. That's when I finally decided it was time to start taking care of me, so that I could take better care of them. I needed to get back into shape to keep up with my kids...I needed my energy back and I needed to feel comfortable with who I was now.

Coaching has allowed me to gain my confidence back...to feel more comfortable with who I am. Having the support and accountability from the other coaches in my team and the customers in the challenge groups, has helped to keep me motivated to workout and stay on track with eating healthier. I'm making changes, both physically and emotionally, in my life that are helping me become a better person and a better mom. I'm now going after my goals, which will help my family as well as myself.

Are you ready to start gaining your confidence back? Are you ready to make a change and create an even better you? If so, comment below and I'll give you more information.

24 June 2016

Your Mountain is Waiting...

Today was a beautiful summer day, so the kids and I took advantage and went out for a day filled with outdoor adventures. We started our day off with taking a hike one some nearby trails, to find a letterbox that we couldn't find a couple of years ago. 

Does your family letterbox? Or go on hiking adventures?

We packed plenty of water, snacks, and a picnic lunch. We were very well prepared. We then stopped at our library to have a picnic on the shaded lawn. I enjoyed a homemade chef salad with spring mix lettuce, guacamole and olive oil tahini. The kids also took advantage of the large trees and played a game of hide-n-seek.

Do you have a favorite spot to picnic?

Where did your adventures take you today?

09 March 2016

Is being on the phone at the park really an issue?

Maybe you'll agree with me, maybe you won't.

I've read a number of comments on blogs and articles in regards to whether parents should be on their phones when they are at the park with their kids.

I wanted to share my perspective, as I sit here writing at the park, while my kids run around playing tag with a bunch of other kids at the park. Sure there maybe people who might be thinking why is she on her phone instead of watching her kids?

My kids love to come to the park to play with other kids...maybe even make new friends.

They see me everyday and we do hang out and play. There are times we come to the park and I run around playing tag, push them on swings, play hide-n-seek or go down the slides with them. But most of the time they want to do this with their peers without parent influence.

I'm here if they need something or they get hurt. I remind them to take water breaks or help them if needed.

But ultimately a trip to the park for the kids means a place for them to explore, play and burn off some energy. For me it's a place to work on my writing or read, socialize with other adults, or sit and relax without the distractions of household obligations.

For each family, a trip to the park may be something different. Just like everything else in parenting, it is a personal choice. Don't be too quick to judge.

12 November 2015

Time to Reflect

I don't usually do a Throwback Thursday photo, but I have been doing a lot of reflecting on my life, the choices I was making previously and the changes I am making to get to where I want to be. This photo was taken 3 years ago, when I was really struggling with my energy level, keeping up with the kids and was really unhappy with things physically and mentally. I have made a lot of progress since then, especially this past summer - getting more active, focusing on my goals, taking time to figure out where I want to be and who I want to be. It's not an easy process to look at yourself and realize that you need to make changes in yourself in order to reach your goals, it is so much easier to look outwardly at others around you.

Once I took the time to reflect, I realized I am the one that will make me happy. Once I do that and start to make changes for myself, then I will be happier with everything else in my life.