07 April 2015

Living a Healthy Lifestyle ~ Making a Choice!

This week I decided to Make a Choice to start Living a Healthy Lifestyle!  Or at least a healthier one than I have been living lately. It is so easy to slip into "bad habits" and grab the quickest snack or the closest drink, whether or not it is the healthiest choice or not.

Over the years, since having my kids (now 5, 6 1/2, 12 1/2), I have tried to start myself on a Fitness Quest. If you have been following my blog or go back into my archives, you will see some posts on this quest I was trying, and you will notice I started and stopped almost as quickly. Not that I didn't want to continue or feel that I should. But I stopped finding time and making a conscience effort to continue. It is easy to veer off course when you are trying to incorporate a new routine or an old one back into your life. 

Growing up, I was in shape, playing sports, dancing, ice skating, skiing, going hiking, swimming, all sorts of things that kept me active. It was easy, I was young and had a lot of energy. I also didn't have as much responsibility or other people needing me as much, I had chores and did things with my family, when I was older I had a job, but it's not the same as when you are an adult and have kids depending on you for everything.

It's easy to make excuses. 

I'm Tired.

I Don't Have Time.

I Don't Have Energy.

I'll Workout Later.

I'll Eat Better Tomorrow.

But when will I be less tired? When will I have more time? When will I have the energy? When is Later? When is tomorrow?

I Won't Be Less Tired ~ If I Don't Make A CHANGE!

I NEED to Make TIME!

I WILL have MORE ENERGY if I Change!



About a week ago there was a post by a friend on Facebook, about a Clean Eating - 5 Day Challenge. I thought, why not, Now is as good a time as any. So I joined, we started yesterday. You don't have to join a group or a challenge to make the change for yourself - why did I? For me, I figured it would be a good way to hold myself accountable, and really force myself to be conscience of making a change and looking at what I am eating and when. We were told to take pictures of our food and post them, and it was suggested that we keep a food journal to keep track of our thoughts, what we eat, how we feel, throughout the challenge. The ladies running the challenge also provided a menu, recipes and food shopping list we could use to help us with clean eating. The group is here to support one another and answer questions.

I am looking forward to going through the challenge this week, and then using it as a gateway to continue on My Quest to Live a Healthy Lifestyle - incorporating healthier food choices and adding fitness back into my everyday routine.

What changes are you making to live a healthy lifestyle? I'd love to hear your story, share in the comments below.

21 March 2015

New Facebook Group: All About New England

Hey Everyone - I just created a public group today for all those who are interested in sharing things about New England and the Merrimack Valley. This can be photos, discussions - can be memories, history, current & past events.
Feel free to join and start posting. Please stay positive with posts and comments to others. Hope to see you there!
A place to share memories, history, & events that take place in New England. Feel free to share pictures, videos, start discussions with other members.
Please keep posts/comments positive and respect what others have to share.
Local Businesses can share information about their company and what they offer. Share your fan page, website or other social media information here.
Open to all who love New England; whether you were born & raised here, moved here or just love to visit or learn more about the area.

30 November 2013

Back-to-School Project

This year, I have been fortunate enough to work with an amazing group of people and be a part of a local Back-to-School Project through the Outreach Committee at my church in Methuen. The project was started a few years ago when two people from First Church, Congregational got together and joined forces with the Methuen Arlington Neighborhood, Inc. The project provides a complete back to school outfit, backpack and school supplies to 150 of Methuen’s students who are most in need of assistance.
The project is now in its third year and still going strong with the help of local businesses and people in the church and community, who are working together to make it a success. We were able to work with Old Navy and Payless Shoe to receive a significant discount on the clothing and shoes we needed to purchase for the project. Our partnerships with the Methuen School Faculty and Staff, the John Hancock Masonic Lodge, Lawrence General Hospital and Holy Family Hospital continue to flourish. Donations and support through these and other Methuen and Greater Lawrence businesses/organizations, as well as from generous private citizens and parishioners allows us to continue with this project each year.

Recipients Giving Back
This year we are offering the recipients an opportunity to experience the joy of giving. On Shopping Day, the volunteers will be helping the children with origami and craft projects to be mailed to Support our Troops.
Donate to the Back-to-School Clothes Project
You can help the children in our community who can’t afford the basic clothing and school supplies needed to start the school year off right. If you would like to make a donation, send your check, payable to the Back to School Clothes Project, to First Church, 26 Pleasant Street, Methuen MA 01844
If you are employed or a member of a professional organization that would like to get involved, please contact me at FirstChurchEvents@gmail.com for more information.
Thank you for taking the time to learn about this important outreach project in my community. Please share with others who may wish to get involved. I would love to hear about outreach projects going on in your community and how others are getting involved.

Boston Children's Museum - Target $1 night

After being rained out of our day time plans in Boston, we decided to take the kids to the Boston Children’s Museum and take advantage of $1 admission night courtesy of Target. Every Friday night from 5-9 Target sponsors $1 admission. As it was raining, we drove into Boston and parked at the lot across the street, which is $15 after 5. Not a bad price for anyone who knows how costly parking can be in the city. On a nice day, if I was looking for a cheaper parking option, I might drive around the area and find street parking or look into which T line to take.

If you’re thinking that it might not be worth dealing with the crowd due to the great price, I would think again. At least on the rainy days, the past two times we have gone, it really hasn’t been too crowded. Maybe because a lot of people take public transportation and don’t like to be walking in the rain.

The kids had a blast, which is important! We also saved a lot of money, which is necessary when you are working on a tight budget. Stay tuned for more posts on things to do with kids while saving money. I’d love to here your ideas of how you save money and still have fun with the family…leave me a comment below.

Just Your Average Day...

Every day seems to have something interesting going on when you have 3 & 5 year-old boys at home. One should be concerned about what they might flush down the toilet each time they are in the bathroom. They seem to think it is an indoor whirlpool that the toys want to swim down – according to my sons. The 3 year old has informed me that crumbs are supposed to be on the floor, so that his friends, the ants, have something to eat. Apparently making puddles on the floor in the bathroom, is so we can get fish and have plenty of places for them to swim.

Today, the 3 year-old decided that the vitamin water had a splinter.
Needless to say, their imaginations are in great shape and I don’t have to worry about having a boring day anytime soon. Now if only I could get them to do more of the cleaning of their own messes, it would allow me to keep up with the rest of the never-ending housework, like dishes and laundry.
I’d love to hear your stories of what “creative” things your kids get themselves into…leave me a comment below.

Learning to Focus...

Learning to Focus and Finding Balance are two things that you’ll probably here from me often. They are two of the things, that I am constantly striving to do. It always seems like my daily schedule with the kids, housework, and my own work – that I am constantly moving in several different directions and trying to do it all at once. Some days I feel like my head is constantly spinning and I am just waiting for it to stop.
What is FocusFocus is defined (for this particular use) as:
FOCUS (Dictionary.com)
v. pay particular attention to
For me focus means freeing myself from distractions, in order to complete the tasks I need to get done. Paying attention to each task until it is complete and not letting myself get side-tracked. Which I find to be very difficult these days with the kids and there love of chaos – or at least they seem to love chaos. I keep trying to get them organized, but every time I organize, they find a way to destroy another room. What I need to do is find a way to help them focus on things I need and want them to do, so that I can focus on my own tasks.
Right now I am in the beginning stages of figuring out how to do this. I do look forward to the older ones going back to school. I think having only one home, may help me to get more done, and also help him to learn to do more things by himself without his older brothers trying to tell him what to do. My task over the next couple of weeks, is to prioritize my tasks and schedule and focus my energy on accomplishing the most important things on that list.
How do you focus? Is this something you are also working on? I’d love to hear your stories, tips, ideas…share them with me in a comment below.