05 May 2011

Fitness Quest - 1st 3 days

The first 3 days of my Fitness Quest have certainly had it's moments, both good and bad.

I have successfully gotten myself to eat breakfast everyday, always a good thing. Still working on trying to remember to drink more water and less sugary drinks like lemonade, iced tea, or juice. Did some walking with the kids, ran into a slight snag yesterday when it decided to rain. Need to make sure I do some type of indoor workout on those rainy days.

Things to do:

  • Get a Scale 
    • Although I don't plan on weighing in everyday, it would be nice to have some type of way to gauge my success. Weekly weigh-ins should be enough!
  • Take Measurements
    • Do this on a weekly basis!
  • Update my Blog
    • Daily
      • journal entries to keep me on track & motivated
    • Weekly 
      • insights, reflections on the week
My goal here is to force myself to think about this journey everyday and truly stick to it. By writing things down, it will keep me honest with myself about whether I am staying focused on my goals. Only then will I stay motivated and truly make the life changes I have been wanting to accomplish.

Thanks for joining me...I look forward to hearing your thoughts, suggestions, and stories about your own journey.