02 May 2011

Fitness Quest

Join me as I undertake a journey to getting back in shape. Share your tips, struggles, successes, and stories here and we will go through this fitness quest together.

I don't want to call it a weight loss quest, although my goal is to lose weight while going through this journey to get my body back in shape. The overall goal is to get back in shape, which to me means a full body and mind transformation. I am looking to get that energy back that I always had when I was working out and that frame of mind that always seemed a bit more clear. It always seemed like my focus was always sharper when I was working out, eating right, and taking care of my body & mind.

Now for me eating right is not so much cutting out fast food, as that is not an issue for me. I don't typically, if ever, eat fast food. For me it is going to be more of the struggle to make sure I am drinking enough water and staying hydrated, and also eating meals on a consistent basis. I definitely eat, that's not a problem, it's trying to get myself to eat breakfast first thing in the morning, so that the rest of my meals are not getting too late in the day, and so I can get in some healthy snacks. This will all help to boost my metabolism and get it started burning those calories in the morning.

I also want to be able to fit in some of those close I have, that I was wearing before I had my 3 kids. If I don't get back to that weight and size completely, I at least want to tighten up these muscles and trim some of this fat off my body. That way I can get to a more comfortable place for myself where I can go hiking, skiing, biking, and do other activities with my kids without too much difficulty. I don't think I am setting unrealistic goals for myself. I have decided not to be overly concerned with numbers at this point. I don't want to do weigh-ins or measurements on a daily basis and not sure if I will even do it on a weekly basis. I figure I will be able to notice if things are changing as the close I wear get looser.

My plan is to start by making sure that I start eating consistently, by starting with breakfast each morning this week and drinking more water. I also want to start my exercise program out, by getting back into walking and doing that on a consistent, and hopefully daily, basis. I like to use my rowing machine, so I plan to get back to that. I would also like to go back to using my workout dvds, which consist of the NYC Ballet Workout, Yoga Booty Ballet, and Belly Dancing.

What types of workout music or dvds do you use?
What types of exercise do you like?
Do you belong to a gym?
Do you have someone to workout with?
How do you stay motivated?

I hope you will join me and share your tips, struggles, successes, and stories here. We can do this together...