29 June 2011

Fitness Quest - Re-boot

A number of weeks ago, I had attempted to start my Fitness Quest with little success at the follow through. Now that school is over and summer has officially started (on the calendar, anyway), I have finally found myself feeling a renewed sense of motivation to get started.

The past few weeks, my energy levels have been so low and my motivation was not there. Part of that is from lack of sleep; kids up at strange hours, which means broken sleep for me. Busy weeks and weekends with school, youth sports and family activities. Now that all the kids are home during the day, I am going to need my energy more than ever. To not only keep up with them, but to keep them entertained and from driving each other crazy all summer.

I am positive that if I start really concentrating on eating the right foods and working out that I will find I have more energy, will sleep better, and will feel better overall. I will also find myself better able to keep up with the kids, and probably have more patience to deal with them.

So, I am going to consider today my Fitness Quest - Re-boot. I am going to enter into this Quest with a renewed sense of motivation & determination to follow through and accomplish my goal to get back in shape.