25 September 2011

Fitness Quest - Day 2

I almost skipped the rower today, was still feeling the workout a little bit from yesterday, but didn't want to lose the momentum. Happy I decided I followed thru, as I did a little more than yesterday.

Rowing Machine:
12 min 38sec
238 calories burned
4.8 miles

Drank about 4 glasses of water yesterday, same today, going to have some more water now.
Is it better to schedule a day off of exercise, a day of rest? Or to just plan on exercising everyday? Don't want to overdue it, but don't want to lose the momentum either.

Looking forward to my continuing journey...

24 September 2011

Fitness Quest - Reboot

I have now officially begun my Fitness Quest - Reboot, today (9/24/11).

I just sat down and completed 11 1/2 minutes on my rowing machine, which was 210 calories burned and 4.5 miles completed.

The goal is to do 1 session of 10-12 minutes every day for 1 week. Starting the 2nd week I would like to add a 2nd session of 10 minutes per day.

My other goal is to drink 6-8 glasses of water per day and cut back on other drinks.

I figure if I start with smaller goals, it will be easier to stick to them. This will help me to accomplish my bigger goal of getting back in shape, which in turn will help me lose the weight and drop the inches that I do not want.

I hope you will join me on this road and share the experiences from your own Fitness Quest.