12 December 2012

Fitness Quest - Rebooted

I have not been good this past year at sticking to my Fitness Quest - my goal to get back in shape and be healthier in general. I have been fairly good at trying to watch what I eat and not overindulge in sweets and unhealthy snacks, but I have not been sticking to my quest of incorporating a fitness plan into my daily routine. So here it is, my Fitness Quest - Reboot! I think this is the 3rd attempt at getting my Fitness Quest started, but I am determined to start and stick with it. I figure starting before the New Year will give me a jump start on my New Year's resolution. A friend of mine is on a fitness quest of her own, working towards the body she wants by 30. As I am a few years older, I have decided my goal is to be working towards the body I want by 35, which is about 7 months away at this point. I think that is a feasible goal if I start on a steady fitness routine at this point and work my way up towards my goal of losing weight, strengthening my muscles and toning my body. I am not looking to accomplish anything outrageous, but there are definitely areas where I need to trim the fat and strengthen the muscles that have been neglected over the years of having my 3 kids. Time to stop making excuses for not fitting in workouts and find ways to incorporate workouts into my daily life and make the time to do them. The excuse that I am too tired or I ran out of time is getting old. I know if I do workout, I will actually find I have more energy and will accomplish more things in my day. Working out and taking care of my health need to become more of a priority, rather than something that I will do when I have time, it's time to make the time! I have joined a few different groups and pages on Facebook with friends, and they truly are inspiring to see what others are doing and accomplishing. We all are individuals and each of us have different goals for ourselves, but we can help to inspire one another to become the very best that we each can be, both inside and out.

I would love to hear your stories and goals...please share!