04 January 2013

Holiday Letterboxing Trip

On New Years Day - my oldest son, Nathan and I went on a wonderful Letterboxing Trip to do a festive holiday series. It was A Christmas Carol theme which had 20 stamps to find and retold the wonderful holiday story when you did it in order. The stamps were wonderfully carved and each placed in their own box to find. It was a lot of fun, despite the cold day; the snow actually gave it even more of a festive touch. It was our first letterboxing trip in the snow, as we just began letterboxing over the summer. The place was local about 10 minutes from home and was only available for a limited time over the holidays, so we were excited to get the opportunity to look for these. It was a nice tie into the fact that Nate had just gone to see A Christmas Carol at NECC in Haverhill a few weeks before with friends. It was also a fun way to have a little mom and son time together. We have had a great time going with his little brothers trying to find other letterboxes, some non-successful but a lot of great successes over the past months. This was a great one to do just the 2 of us and we were both very happy that we didn't miss out on getting there. 

If you are looking for a great family activity that will get you outdoors throughout the year, with a little "treasure hunting" style, Letterboxing is definitely something to check out. If you have done Letterboxing, I would love to hear your stories. 

02 January 2013

Fitness Quest - New Year

New Year's Resolutions have never been my strong suit...in the past I have come up with one and then not always stuck to it. This year I am not making a new resolution, but I am reinforcing my commitment to pursue a healthier, more balanced lifestyle. I am more determined to stick to my Fitness Quest and really see changes in my fitness, energy and health levels. I had started the squats challenge in December to work up to doing 100 squats per day, but started late into the month. I did fairly well, bur came into a few road bumps with the hectic schedule of the holidays. I decided to restart the squats challenge yesterday with it being the 1st of the month - starting with 20 squats and adding 5 each day, by the 31st of the month I should be doing 100 per day. After this month, my goal will be to continue doing 50-100 squats per day. I have completed 2 days of the squat challenge - 20 yesterday and 25 today. I can certainly feel the burn in my legs - it's a great feeling!!

I will be taking a hard look at what I am eating on a daily basis and working on making better choices. I want to make sure I am staying hydrated and watching my sugar intake when it comes to drink choices, as well, incorporating a lot more water back into my daily routine. I will be looking at adding other types of exercises into my daily routine, hoping to get back into using my rowing machine - one of my favorites. Hoping to get back to doing a couple of my fitness dvds workouts - Boston Ballet Company Workout and Belly Dancing.

Just over 5 months until my 35th birthday - working on my goal of being in much better shape by the time that comes!!

How's your fitness routine for the New Year going? What are your goals? What changes are you making? I'd love to hear your stories.