30 November 2013

Learning to Focus...

Learning to Focus and Finding Balance are two things that you’ll probably here from me often. They are two of the things, that I am constantly striving to do. It always seems like my daily schedule with the kids, housework, and my own work – that I am constantly moving in several different directions and trying to do it all at once. Some days I feel like my head is constantly spinning and I am just waiting for it to stop.
What is FocusFocus is defined (for this particular use) as:
FOCUS (Dictionary.com)
v. pay particular attention to
For me focus means freeing myself from distractions, in order to complete the tasks I need to get done. Paying attention to each task until it is complete and not letting myself get side-tracked. Which I find to be very difficult these days with the kids and there love of chaos – or at least they seem to love chaos. I keep trying to get them organized, but every time I organize, they find a way to destroy another room. What I need to do is find a way to help them focus on things I need and want them to do, so that I can focus on my own tasks.
Right now I am in the beginning stages of figuring out how to do this. I do look forward to the older ones going back to school. I think having only one home, may help me to get more done, and also help him to learn to do more things by himself without his older brothers trying to tell him what to do. My task over the next couple of weeks, is to prioritize my tasks and schedule and focus my energy on accomplishing the most important things on that list.
How do you focus? Is this something you are also working on? I’d love to hear your stories, tips, ideas…share them with me in a comment below.