07 April 2015

Living a Healthy Lifestyle ~ Making a Choice!

This week I decided to Make a Choice to start Living a Healthy Lifestyle!  Or at least a healthier one than I have been living lately. It is so easy to slip into "bad habits" and grab the quickest snack or the closest drink, whether or not it is the healthiest choice or not.

Over the years, since having my kids (now 5, 6 1/2, 12 1/2), I have tried to start myself on a Fitness Quest. If you have been following my blog or go back into my archives, you will see some posts on this quest I was trying, and you will notice I started and stopped almost as quickly. Not that I didn't want to continue or feel that I should. But I stopped finding time and making a conscience effort to continue. It is easy to veer off course when you are trying to incorporate a new routine or an old one back into your life. 

Growing up, I was in shape, playing sports, dancing, ice skating, skiing, going hiking, swimming, all sorts of things that kept me active. It was easy, I was young and had a lot of energy. I also didn't have as much responsibility or other people needing me as much, I had chores and did things with my family, when I was older I had a job, but it's not the same as when you are an adult and have kids depending on you for everything.

It's easy to make excuses. 

I'm Tired.

I Don't Have Time.

I Don't Have Energy.

I'll Workout Later.

I'll Eat Better Tomorrow.

But when will I be less tired? When will I have more time? When will I have the energy? When is Later? When is tomorrow?

I Won't Be Less Tired ~ If I Don't Make A CHANGE!

I NEED to Make TIME!

I WILL have MORE ENERGY if I Change!



About a week ago there was a post by a friend on Facebook, about a Clean Eating - 5 Day Challenge. I thought, why not, Now is as good a time as any. So I joined, we started yesterday. You don't have to join a group or a challenge to make the change for yourself - why did I? For me, I figured it would be a good way to hold myself accountable, and really force myself to be conscience of making a change and looking at what I am eating and when. We were told to take pictures of our food and post them, and it was suggested that we keep a food journal to keep track of our thoughts, what we eat, how we feel, throughout the challenge. The ladies running the challenge also provided a menu, recipes and food shopping list we could use to help us with clean eating. The group is here to support one another and answer questions.

I am looking forward to going through the challenge this week, and then using it as a gateway to continue on My Quest to Live a Healthy Lifestyle - incorporating healthier food choices and adding fitness back into my everyday routine.

What changes are you making to live a healthy lifestyle? I'd love to hear your story, share in the comments below.