26 August 2015


What does the word Gratitude mean to you? 

Why is it important to practice Gratitude in your life?

I recently joined a group on Facebook with other Beachbody Coaches where the focus of the group is on Gratitude. This week we started a challenge and each day we are given a task to complete. Today's task was to think about the two questions above and respond. The answer could be as short or as long as you like, as the answer may be different for everyone. The point was, to really think about the questions.

For me, gratitude means being thankful for what I have and what I have experienced in my life. Appreciating those who are and were important in my life. Not taking for granted that life is short and we never know what might come next.

It is important to practice being thankful and to show other that there are things to be thankful for, otherwise you and those around you would become miserable. Helping others to appreciate life and what they have, and showing them how you appreciate them brings joy, hope and strength. It helps yourself and others to achieve the dreams and goals we have set for ourselves. It also helps us to see all the precious things in the world regardless of how much material things we have. Precious things like time, love, friendship, nature, and the ability to change our futures.

I would love to hear what Gratitude means to you and why you feel it's important to practice. Share in the comments below.

08 August 2015

Embarking on a New Journey

I am excited to share my new journey with all of you. I decided to Make a Choice to start Living a Healthy Lifestyle! Or at least a healthier one than I have been living lately. It is so easy to slip into "bad habits" and grab the quickest snack or the closest drink, whether or not it is the healthiest choice or not.

I am working to find balance in all aspects of life, embarking on my journey to a healthier, well-balanced lifestyle filled with fitness, delicious food, and plenty of laughter. Working on achieving my goals to become the best me that I can be and hoping to help you to do the same.

I will be utilizing Beachbody Fitness Programs & Products, like Shakeology, as well as other products that I believe in. If you are interested in finding out more about any of the Team Beachbody Products or want to hear more about my personal journey, please check out my page, 

Feel free to contact me with any questions you may have as well. I am very excited for this new journey in my quest for a healthy, active life and would love the opportunity to help you achieve your fitness and wellness goals as well! 

Who wants to join me?

06 August 2015

Espresso Mocha Chiller

My new favorite way to enjoy my coffee! 

Espresso Mocha Chiller Shakeology®
1 cup espresso coffee
1 scoop chocolate Shakeology
Ice & Blend!