09 March 2016

Is being on the phone at the park really an issue?

Maybe you'll agree with me, maybe you won't.

I've read a number of comments on blogs and articles in regards to whether parents should be on their phones when they are at the park with their kids.

I wanted to share my perspective, as I sit here writing at the park, while my kids run around playing tag with a bunch of other kids at the park. Sure there maybe people who might be thinking why is she on her phone instead of watching her kids?

My kids love to come to the park to play with other kids...maybe even make new friends.

They see me everyday and we do hang out and play. There are times we come to the park and I run around playing tag, push them on swings, play hide-n-seek or go down the slides with them. But most of the time they want to do this with their peers without parent influence.

I'm here if they need something or they get hurt. I remind them to take water breaks or help them if needed.

But ultimately a trip to the park for the kids means a place for them to explore, play and burn off some energy. For me it's a place to work on my writing or read, socialize with other adults, or sit and relax without the distractions of household obligations.

For each family, a trip to the park may be something different. Just like everything else in parenting, it is a personal choice. Don't be too quick to judge.